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I joined this crazy place on 2010-08-12, 8 years ago.

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pay day.. - 8 years ago

Thanks. I'm on my cell so searching through archived threads takes forever. Sorry for the clutter!

pay day.. - 8 years ago

The first is Monday, so does that mean pay is in the bank on Friday? We just had a tire go and we're getting a new one (we've had terrible luck with used ones), I just have to be sure whether to make ...

Sunday Edition 29 Palms Yardsale Sales Thread - 8 years ago

Thor is a rottweiler pitbull mix. Very sweet and even tempered, missing his last round of shots, not neutered, and housebroken. Sits, lays down, great with our 7 month old -- wonderful dog, and I ha...

common courtesy - 8 years ago

The thing that gets me the most is when I'm pushing a stroller through those heavy swinging doors like at gas stations. People just stare half the time, like it's entertaining to watch me maneuver th...

seizures in toddlers? - 8 years ago

[i]oh okay i didnt know  [/i] It's okay. I've wondered the same thing myself on many occasions :D

seizures in toddlers? - 8 years ago

[i]there not real doctors out here right?[/i] Yes, they are. Corpsman go through Navy Medical Training, but the doctors have legit PhD degrees.

seizures in toddlers? - 8 years ago

Take him out to town. Hubs went to the ER on base for back pain and all they did was give him Tyleonol. He went to the ER in Joshua Tree and they found out he had a compressed disc and something...

POLL: Commissary Shoppers - 8 years ago

I always tip at least $3, unless the bagger is being completely disagreeable. There was one younger kid that joked around with me while I was pregnant about guessing how far along I was and I gave hi...


[i]trip to the PX's jewelry department oooooo whatcha getting? [/i] I ended up going to Toda Moda and getting some amazing high heels. I can't resist the "ankle breakers" especially when the...

New artist - 8 years ago

Canvases that large are expensive, and I'm sure the paint isn't cheap either, but seriously, they couldn't have spent more than $60 on raw materials for that piece, and that's assuming the canvas is a...

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