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I joined this crazy place on 2010-10-25, 9 years ago.

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Full time mother to a crew of girls, career student (someday I'll stick to a path), and dedicated UGer! Orginally from San Diego and often homesick.

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2 questions: - 7 years ago

[i]I read online that they are building a super walmart in 29. It is a 22 acre project. Maybe kohl's will be here in town too. [/i] I was promised that Super Walmart 4 years ago. I need to see a si...

Wells Fargo Mistakenly Cleans Out Retired Couple's Home Twice - 7 years ago

Wow that is awful. Once I can see the error but you would think WF would make sure the second contractors went to the right address. I know it's hard out here using GPS/Online Maps. We've been house...

Random ? - 7 years ago

Anyone know where I can find a 3 gallon water jug? I got a water dispenser, thanks to an awesome UGer! Planned on getting the jug and water from that water store by Staters. But they are gone. I've be...

29 Palms Fencing - 7 years ago

[i]Obliterate lol. [/i] Hahaha my brain thinks faster than my fingers!

29 Palms Fencing - 7 years ago

[i]Doesn't matter if the resident thinks it is a bad job, the tenant needs to learn their place and shut up.[/i] Seriously? If I'm paying rent you can bet I'm voicing my opinion.

29 Palms Fencing - 7 years ago

[i]I think you all need to have a cup of tea together, and donate all your time for a charity. [/i] Plenty of us know each other and get together on occasion. A lot of us are active in volunteering...

29 Palms Fencing - 7 years ago

Thanks to smart phones I can be instantly alerted. So I don't miss out on the fun here. As long as my family is taken care of I feel I deserve a night or two out every now and then. Multi taskers unit...

29 Palms Fencing - 7 years ago

Good call Mari. Awesome Mod award! We need a nice wine and cheesecake party to unwind.

29 Palms Fencing - 7 years ago

Exactly Wildlife. Can't fix stupid I guess. No point in trying. Business opinions, reviews, whatever are expected in an open forum. Posting personal addresses? Not cool. Hollz and I just so happened t...

29 Palms Fencing - 7 years ago

Hey Grandma D as a "professional" landlord you'd think you'd have a little respect. 1 complaint about this oh so perfect company and you just can't handle it. Thankfully you weren't dumb enough to pos...

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