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I joined this crazy place on 2009-01-28, 10 years ago.

» save ButterCup as my FRIEND - HOSER

Loving life, doing things my way and don't really give a crap who gets hurt along the way. I'm not here to make friends!!!! Nor do I give a ratz azz what anyone on this "fake azz" site has to say about me. Sorry I have thicker skin than that.

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Who is gardening this season, and how is it going? - 7 years ago

The gophers just keep coming up under the chicken wire fence through the ground for my carrots and watermelons. Whats a sure fire way to get rid of them?

Best for textbooks? - 8 years ago

[i]how come you waited so long to get your books? [/i] I've had classes before either where we didn't even use the book or the book was different from that listed at the Green Leaf Library. Plu...

Best for textbooks? - 8 years ago

General Chemistry General Nutrition Medical Terminology Basic Pharmacology (those are my classes this semester and for the Nutrition class we have to have 2 books plus a CD and purchase a study ...

Best for textbooks? - 8 years ago

Checked it out Hollz, but they only had one of the books I needed. Thanks for the info though.

Best for textbooks? - 8 years ago

Is there any where around here that sells textbooks? I have tried the YS site with really no luck as of yet. Or any websites where I can purchase for cheap and get shipped asap? Thanks

Coupons at the Commissary - 8 years ago

I have been through some of the old threads. But don't want to dig through them all and would like all the answers in one easy place. 1. Do they accept coupons printed off the internet? (have you p...

Pros and Cons of duty stations - 8 years ago

Camp Lejeune: Liked it for the shopping and restaurants. Was also closer to family and the beach. The DOD schools on base were really great. Lived in Berkley Manor which are single brick homes on base...

MCCES & Monitors drive me crazy - 8 years ago

I see everyone's point. Was just venting on my thoughts and feelings.

MCCES & Monitors drive me crazy - 8 years ago

[i]Why the unit? I can see the monitor being bad, but what does the unit have to do with orders? [/i] There is this guy in the unit friends with the monitor, they together decided on the orders.

MCCES & Monitors drive me crazy - 8 years ago

[i]It's not really their job to.[/i] So I realized a little too late. But as human-beings you would think they would have some common courtesy...guess not.

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