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For my Texas people LMAO - 8 years ago

Yea schools in stx have been closed since Tuesday also. The ice is pretty bad out there. Most businesses are expected to be closed tomorrow. If course by monday it's suppose to be 70!

Tamale lady's number? - 8 years ago

she had an ad on the ys site.

who has a motorcycle?? - 8 years ago

we used progressive bc usaa said they didnt insure street bikes.. this was 3-4 yrs ago.

just got my eyebrows done - 8 years ago

I use kristi at chemically for my eyebrows. she uses hard wax which is AMAZING!

just got my eyebrows done - 8 years ago

[i]Venetian [/i] i go there for nails :) love them. so funny! i also do their gel nail polish which is AMAZING.. costs extra but lasts for weeks and makes the nails stronger!

primer - 8 years ago

we used kiltz also. we just got one tub and it was enough to cover one wall. the color was a medium blue and it took us three coats. however, for our inspection on base they said we only needed to do ...

iPhone 3g/3gs or iPhone 4g - 8 years ago

ours is in september and im waiting for the 5! the face chat will be working over the 3g network instead of only wifi. :)

iPhone 3g/3gs or iPhone 4g - 8 years ago

what ive heard (bff works for att) and read its going to be summer-late fall. thats why they just dropped the price on the 3gs to 49.99 with a contract.. making room for the new stuff!

iPhone 3g/3gs or iPhone 4g - 8 years ago

Wait for the 5.

base movies price increase - 8 years ago

Umm it's always been way more at other bases I've been to

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