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I joined this crazy place on 2009-01-29, 12 years ago.

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Front Desk Guy at Pediatric Clinic - 10 years ago

He is extremely rude, but I don't think he actually works for pediactrics, isnt he the guy who used to work back in the shots place? He has never helped me, he has rudley gottan another person to help...

DID SOMEONE SAY POLL???? - 11 years ago

We have had childcare at balls before, but it was never free, we have always had to pay for it. It wasn't very expensive but not free. I do not think you should bring your small child to a ball, or an...

Halloween Costumes... - 11 years ago

My 3 year old wants to be a cowboy and my 6 year old wants to be a ballarina. I want them to go as bat man and bat girl but they are not having it and since they already have the cowboy and ballarenia...

returns at the PX - 11 years ago

You can make returns without a reciept, just have to have your ID, for normal stuff, but since it is computer stuff I have no clue. I'ld call up there and ask them.

Itouch Issues...Troubleshooting? - 11 years ago

There is one in Temecula, don't know if there is one in Palm Springs or not.

has anyone - 11 years ago

777 probably means saying she is going to buy items from the yardsale site then never show.

Sooo is there a reason - 11 years ago

They have Texas Roadhouse in Lake Elsinore, about 2 hours from base give or take a few minutes.

Let's take the time... - 11 years ago

So sad, all these guys are so very young. Will be praying for their families.

Husbands - 11 years ago

A few years ago my husband finally got all of his stuff from his parents house and moved it into our basement, it is in boxes that he labled "Jeff Junk, should probably throw away" but will he ever th...

Palm Springs shopping - 11 years ago

Carter's is at Cabazon, it is in the middle section, there are like three diffrent sections of the outlet mall and Carters is the third one, by Coach and I don't remember what other stores.

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