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I joined this crazy place on 2009-02-14, 9 years ago.

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USO at Palm Springs Airport............. - 6 years ago

The USO saved my butt when we were PCSing. TMO had all of our stuff and the USO had free Disney movies and gave one to me for my son. He has watched that movie approximately 1000 times in the last mon...

Cooking a turkey for dinner! - 7 years ago

I'm with KelJoy---WTF? Never eaten STEAK? My favorite is taking coarse sea-salt and garlic and crushing them together to make a paste. adding olive oil so that its spreadable and rubbing it into t...

Dr. Eppey? - 7 years ago

I liked him okay. I saw him for a same-day appointment when I was having some complications. He was knowledgeable, though. Of course, I didn't want hand-holding, I just wanted information, so his ...

USO at Palm Springs Airport............. - 7 years ago

2 months for 150+ people is pretty fast turnover!

USO at Palm Springs Airport............. - 7 years ago

how long did it take you to get housing? I can't imagine being 153!!!

USO at Palm Springs Airport............. - 7 years ago

I'll be okay once housing has a place for us to live. TMO gets here in 2 days to take my stuff away and I'm 16 on the list! *dies of frustration*

Farewell!!! - 7 years ago

SoCal---Feel free to join. I'm thinking Monday the 8th at Denny's if everyone is okay with it! I invited Toys 4 Tom too. He gets off work at 8, so he could be up here by 9:30-10. Does that wor...

USO at Palm Springs Airport............. - 7 years ago

I'm sure it'll be fine once we're there, but its still not home. And I hate interstate driving, haha. But I knew I'd be living everywhere under the sun when my (then boyfriend and now) hubby came ...

USO at Palm Springs Airport............. - 7 years ago

Shell---Pendleton Tom---yeah, that's a bit early for me to get there for a 4:30pm flight pick-up, haha. I love you dearly, but not enough to wake a sleeping toddler and drive down 10 hours early :D...

FREE Patio Set - 7 years ago

Yodad---thanks. Its not the sand between my TOES that is bothering me ;)

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