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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-01, 10 years ago.

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Shut your dirty whorish mouth. ;)

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health department grades - 9 years ago

[i]Never heard of BAMBOO GARDEN CHINESE RESTAURANT. Is that the How How? Maybe changed names and I missed that, but I think I've only been there once in 12 years. [/i] Yep that's How How!

What are y'all planning to throw on the grill today? - 9 years ago

Steeeeak! Still mooin'.

Breastfeeding - 9 years ago

I nursed on overseas flights (from Okinawa to Tokyo, Tokyo to San Francisco, then from San Francisco to Anaheim and back, and SF to Mexico and back) when my daughter was 4-5 months old and never got s...

We all deserve - 9 years ago

I didn't hurt myself cooking! :D

How did you meet your spouse? - 9 years ago

Met mine at the Stampede in Temecula! We were both 18 (under 21 was allowed as long as you sported pretty black Xs on your hands ;) ) and neither of us really dance or like country music much. :D

How long have u known ur spouse - 9 years ago

Met my hubby in December of 2003, we married exactly three months later - this past March was our 7th anniversary :).

sonic - 9 years ago

Wooohoooo yah!

Items you would NEVER buy used... - 9 years ago

Car seats have an expiration date for a reason, there is a reason they must be replaced after an accident (minor or not), and they are NOT supposed to be resold.

Can someone please explain to me why.... - 9 years ago

[i]The thing you have to realize about males is that they aren't going to do things the way you do it. You have to learn to accept that what is important is that the task gets done. As long as the end...

Mom Poll - 9 years ago

Headphones and homework. Lol.

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