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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 9 years ago.

» save Seattle as my FRIEND - HOSER

Hey! I'm 20, married to a super sexxy Marine lol, we have 2 doggies and have been together for 5 years. I'm going to college to be an Ultrasound tech. I LOVE to workout! I am a health freak lol. I play drums and teach lessons, and I really want to start doing photography :) I love change and adventure, I can be super girly or a tomboy, depends on the mood LOL. But overall I am quiet happy with my life so far; everything happens the way it's supposed to.

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Everybody thinks they're a professional photographer these days! - 8 years ago

ohhh man...the classic half naked, no shirt on underneath the dress blues picture....so gross. [b]IF [/b]i ever did that, i would NEVER post it for the world to see. have some class ladies sheeze

you know your married to a - 9 years ago

when your phone rings and the number is "unknown" and your heart skips a beat cause you know its him.... when most people dont answer those cause they dont know who it is!

college books - 9 years ago

thanks guys!

college books - 9 years ago

websites to sell college books at? specifically for college? or should i just post it on craigslist and what not?

9/11 Cross - 9 years ago

*their beliefs

9/11 Cross - 9 years ago

right, but like they said in the article, what about the ones who were killed and don't believe in God? Yes it's impossible to find out how many and who they were who had these beliefs, but in respect...

9/11 Cross - 9 years ago

thank you!

9/11 Cross - 9 years ago

http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/atheist-group-sues-over-proposed-cross-9-11-180949616.html there's the link, I don't know how to make it so you just click on it.

9/11 Cross - 9 years ago

I read something about there being a huge cross at the 9/11 memorial. And as you can imagine, there are some very angry people because not every one believes in God...What are your thoughts? Should it...

POLL: If you were looking to rent in 29... - 9 years ago


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