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I joined this crazy place on 2011-04-14, 8 years ago.

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Comparatively old, wife, mom to 3 girls...yadda, yadda, yadda. Headed back to the dirty des at the end of summer. Not complaining (ok, maybe a little. Mr. Monitor, you can blow me!) because it means we won't be in this shithole anymore. Looking forward to being back with our Marine Corps family...never appreciated your awesomeness until I was stuck on an AFB for 3 years. Likes: Bargain hunting, reading, poker, and the occasional cocktail (or 7). Dislikes: Judgemental a-holes, bad drivers, and rude people. Basically, If you're kind and thoughtful of others, we'll get along just fine.

latest comments

i dont even - 7 years ago

Pansy 4 year olds. Pfft! My 6 year old daughter woulfd be insulted if i got her a bodyguard....

Bald kids. - 7 years ago

My oldest two were born nearly bald and stayed that way until around 2. Their hair grows kinda slow still, but they definitely look like girls. Youngest was born with so much hair that you could part ...

Ugh: Vent -__- - 7 years ago

[i]NOPE! Regular prices I believe $60/person and under depending on rank. [/i] That's bullfrogs! Guess where I wouldnt be going...lol.

Ugh: Vent -__- - 7 years ago

And that really sucks, rank....I hope te tickets are free or close to it.

Ugh: Vent -__- - 7 years ago

2 years ago our ball was on halloweeen. Almost no wives went because someone had to take the kids trick or treating.

Ugh: Vent -__- - 7 years ago

Rather than make another thread, I'll just whine here. Who schedules a ball for a Monday? arggggh!

people who are cheap. i mean really cheap... - 7 years ago

What sellers on the yardsale site need to understand is that their item is only worth what someone is willing tonpay for it. If you paid $100 for a pair of shoes a year ago and never wore them, that'...

Open Letter - 7 years ago

Wow...congrats Keljoy. Is there a screening for ovarian cancer? Now I'm gonna be paranoid...


Gonna have to try that! FYI, we bought some eggies because DH eats 3 hard boiled egg whites every morning and he hates peeling the eggs. They work too! Lol

if u can own a mansion [describe yours] ? - 7 years ago

I don't want anything too big. I hate houses that are so grand that they don't feel homey. 5 bedrooms, one story, hardwood floors and high end carpet and padding. Beautiful antique furniture, but no...

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