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I joined this crazy place on 2012-01-18, 8 years ago.

» save akdiesel as my FRIEND - HOSER

Tony..Marine...wife and I just moved here from San Diego

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Woodland Daypack - 6 years ago

If anyone has one I need to purchase one.

Puerto Ricans! - 7 years ago

I'm half Puerto Rican and half Italian. but I'm a bad PR..I don't speak Spanish haha but I can make some mean plantains. I grew up with the Italian side of my family.

New orders, moving THIS month! - 7 years ago

[i]Everything is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over priced out in town. All of the realtors know how much BAH everyone gets and charges exactly that. [/i] Negative. I live in a very nice two bedroom house...

Could it be true? - 7 years ago

Housing told me 0-2 months...in 5 they called to tell me I was 30 days out from a house.....

Base Traffic - 7 years ago

Shenanigans...i live 10 minutes from base and have to leave over an hour early now...booo!!!

HSST - 7 years ago

Just happy I got my first choice and the class I wanted...I guess volunteering is good for something! :)

HSST - 7 years ago

Definitely a life changer for me. Only 6 months to go in 29 now :)

HSST - 7 years ago

Got it! Thanks again!!

HSST - 7 years ago

Heard the results are out on Pendleton UG but haven't seen a list....

Firewood - 7 years ago

Looking for a good place to get firewood locally. Doesn't matter if it's bought or gathered just looking to build a decent collection so we can have fires when we please.

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