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Boardwalk hair and nail parlor

who's talking here?

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cdub --- 9 years ago -

Amazing! I saw krisit this morning and i will not go anywhere else from now on. she is amazing. every step of the way she was making sure my hair was fine with me. She was very easy to talk to and i felt very comfortable with her.. and my eyebrows. most know they were all jacked up about 6 weeks ago.. and im still having to fill them in, but she made them look amazing. ill still have to keep filling, but she knew exactly how to fix what i had. 35$ total for cut, blow out, and brows. I would have payed her 35 just for fixing my brows! i also met corbie who seems really nice and is very easy going. 

The Paparazzi --- 9 years ago -

Glad to hear!!! 

*Ufa* --- 9 years ago -

cool cassandra..i will prob make an appointment now... 

Toys for Tom --- 9 years ago -

I know there has been a thread or two about the 'new' salon that opened up on the 62 New my AZZ, that salon has been there for years.....bout time you woke up.....talk about getting some free advertising, not that they need it...They are excellent......... 

The Paparazzi --- 9 years ago -

Well are the two girls that are in it not new? Didn't atleast 1 just leave the base salon to work there? Could be wrong, but I've never been in there until yeasterday and was just passing along what I delt about the place. New girls or not, yes they are very good 

7605015687 --- 9 years ago -

hi tammy 

Only His --- 9 years ago -

So I went yesterday to Boardwalk because I decided to chop all my hair off...and since there was so much talk(drama) about them I decided to see what the chatter was about. Not only are they nice women and amazingly priced but they do a kick butt job. Kristi cff about 5 inches of yesterday and then I decided I wanted more done and went back today. Had back cut off and hightlights done, now I love it and so does my husband *wink*wink* so in short...keep talking smack, they are still getting attention either way and it is well deserved. Thanks Ladies for a great afternoon in the salon!!! 

KelJoY II --- 9 years ago -

keep talking smack Who was talking smack about Boardwalk? I think you have that confused with the Passion place. 

Only His --- 9 years ago -

its a general remark because of things i have heard from others on here. It was a big chance to take when I dont know where to go and had a big chunk of hair cut off but it was well worth the risk. I hate it when you go some where and either the ladies are nice but dont do what you ask or they are completely snotty or rud but cut great..lesser of two evils on that would be? these ladies are nice and do what you ask. Made me feel great about myself! 

KelJoY II --- 9 years ago -

Made me feel great about myself! Well good for you then! Maybe that will help you see that there are nice folks in 29 Palms after all and they aren't all meth heads. 

Only His --- 9 years ago -

good one 

IrmaCRuiz --- 6 years ago -

Just got my hair done there...I had a strange request and Corbie said, "Okay. No problem" and gave me exactly what I asked for... Yes, a purple ombre...I love it! 

on a need to know basis --- 6 years ago -

I love The Board Walk. Me and all my girls always have Corbie ,she always does a good job. 

LiveLife --- 6 years ago -

I went there a looonnnngg time ago and didnt have such a good experience :( Sounds like they have changed. But if anyone lives in Yucca I recommend A-Stylish-Affair. Missy is the owner and all the girls there do an amazing job!!! I have been going there for about two years now and cant bring myself to go anywhere else :) 

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