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Key Volunteer???

who's talking here?

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Kelly*J --- 13 years ago -

Is there a head key volunteer for the base, or how does that work - does it all go through the units?  

C0NTR0LL3DCHA0S --- 13 years ago -

No, there is not a "key volunteer" anymore. There is however a FRO and FRAs. If you would like to get in contact with yours you can pm or share here your unit and I can tell you who your FRO is or someone else will answer you as to who it is. Some of the FROs are on here already although they like to think they are hushy hushy about it. Please ladies help her out. =0 

Kerry --- 13 years ago -

tell your husband to get the FRO number. no more kv its now the family readiness program 

C0NTR0LL3DCHA0S --- 13 years ago -

sad. 100 views. and not a single one of you would step up to help another Marine wife. such a disgrace. FROs you especially. Yet you all seem to find time to gossip and whisper when away from the keyboard. 

Kris --- 13 years ago -

sad. I agree CC. Though I'm not a FRO I might have some helpful info. If you go to www.29palms.usmc.mil it lists the "resident units" on the right hand side of the page. If you click on the units website most list a "family readiness" page on the left. You should be able to click that and the FRO's contact info should be listed there. I'm a 3/7 spouse so here's the FRO's info: Lori Rogers 760-830-6638 email lori.rogers@usmc.mil Also the 7th Marines Regiment FRO is Denise Cullum 760-630-6613 email: denise.cullum@usmc.mil Denise is fantastic, though she had a rough day, I'm sure she'd be able to give you the other FRO's contact info. Keep in mind the FRO's have lots of responsibilities so if they don't answer the phone leave a messege. In my experience they call you back as soon as they can. Some sooner than others :) !! Hope this helps! 

Megan B. --- 13 years ago -

Ok so what does FRO stand for and what do they do?! 

Kris --- 13 years ago -

FRO= Family Readiness Officer. Welcome to the Marine Corps Family Readiness Officer (FRO) website. This page was established to serve as a useful tool for FROs Corps-wide. What is Family Readiness? Per MCO 1754.6A, "Family readiness is defined as families who are prepared and equipped with the skills and tools to successfully meet the challenges of the military lifestyle. Family readiness directly affects the fundamental purpose of the Marine Corps to make Marines and win battles by building commitment and raising morale, thereby increasing unit readiness." What is a Family Readiness Officer (FRO)? A portion of the FRO's responsibilities include: Actively manage, coordinate and promote all matters pertaining to unit family readiness. Serve as the military point of contact concerning unit family readiness issues. Serve as the military protocol subject matter expert for family readiness events and for the KVN. Be familiar with MCO 1754.6A and NAVMC 1754.6A. Learn about all available resources to promote family readiness. Be thoroughly familiar with all MCFTB programs. Arrange for all appropriate KVN administrative and logistical support. Ensure command policy regarding information flow to families of single Marines is established and supported. 

Kerry --- 13 years ago -

How about this what unit is your hubby with Kelly? 

jlgg --- 6 years ago -

This comment has been flagged as spam 

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