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Christmas List

who's talking here?

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Crazy C --- 13 years ago -

I got almost everyone done! $$$ later 

Kerry --- 13 years ago -

YAY i got my husband done lol, i got tooo much crap becuz i was trying to fit it into one box and turned out to be two lol oh well!!! 

Dimples --- 13 years ago -

I've just barely started. I do most of mine the day after thanksgiving though. My aunt and I do it every year. 

♫Hopes N Dreams♫ --- 13 years ago -

I havnt even started yet. I only plan to buy for my son and my husband. I know what i plan to get my little one and i cant get that till Dec 1st. Im gonna use up the Santa Silvers. And i have no idea what to get my hubby yet. 

irayne --- 13 years ago -

I havent shopped at all yet. Really only planning on getting something for the husband and our son. Which will be pretty easy seeing as he'll only be 4 months. Ha. 

*Mrs.Sarah* --- 13 years ago -

day after thanksgiving though Me too!I have always gone with my mom but this year Im going with a few friends! 

*Mrs.Sarah* --- 13 years ago -

I havent even started shopping either!I love christmas shopping online! 

Justatouchofcute --- 13 years ago -

Any ideas of what to get a deployed hubby? He says not to send him anything, but I HAVE to! 

Kimberly --- 13 years ago -

I haven't started yet, I am not looking forward to it either. The older the kids get the more expensive the stuff is. My oldest daughter wants turquoise jewelry and that stuff is so expensive. 

Nessa --- 13 years ago -

We are done.. We are just waiting for everything to arrive to start wrapping.. I'm glad because we usually wait til last minute, now I can enjoy black Friday without worrying on who to buy something for, I need some new clothes.. 

RONALD --- 13 years ago -

one christmas i had no money i got 2 elmo tmxs for about 80.00 and resold them on ebay for 200.00 a piece, as a single parent with kids full time and a guy i learned one thing, buy like you dont have the money and you will always have more, i bought a bundle of dora the explorer toys gently used, and i bought a used psp 4 years back with a ton of games, my kids loved it, the bets christmas ever still to this day. 

Kerry --- 13 years ago -

Any ideas of what to get a deployed hubby? He says not to send him anything, but I HAVE to! I am sending mine a new camera and i also got a stocking and filled it with little Christmas toys that you find down the christmas aisle at walmart and stuff! the kids picked out most of the toys! Not sending anything big, the only reason he is getting a new camera was becuz the one he took last deployment got jacked up lol so he needed a new one. 

♫Hopes N Dreams♫ --- 13 years ago -

Any ideas of what to get a deployed hubby? He says not to send him anything, but I HAVE to! anything to pass the time. PSP, IPOD, things of that nature. You can find good deals online the day after thanksgiving. 

Justatouchofcute --- 13 years ago -

Thanks Kerry and Hopes N Dreams. I am going to check out walmart and target when I get back home. :) 

Kerry --- 13 years ago -

Last year i know it wasn't for christmas but i did send my hubby and his platoon a dart board they loved that!! Also the litle hand held games ( hubby never used it but he did give it to one of the guys and he was very thankful) 

my mouth is reckless --- 13 years ago -

my husband and I decded to do it diffrent this year...1 big toy each child and a few small ones...but i havent even started. 

my mouth is reckless --- 13 years ago -

does anyone know if the home store does layaway 

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