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How To Post A Picture

who's talking here?

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Scooter --- 8 years ago -

1.) go to photobucket or any other site that has the picture you want to use.
2.) copy the "direct link" code .
3.) come back here and start/add to the discussion that you want to add the picture to.
4.) on your right you'll see 5 boxs , click on the 4th box,the one right above the ball and chain.
5.)a set of { } will appear in your comment box , click in-between those 2 brackets an erase the word "null".
6.) then paste the "direct link" code between the two brackets , then click add comment an your picture should appear like this .


Scooter --- 8 years ago -

sorry picture is so large . well i'm off to my home base underground . :)

ps. use this thread to practice on 

MissusJ --- 8 years ago -

Just what I wanted to see, that fly again lol 

.TWIN. --- 8 years ago -

this tutorial has already been done. I think. :) 

.TWIN. --- 8 years ago -


I've noticed quite a few that don't know how to do this, so here it is.

1.) if you come across a picture you'd like to share and a html code is available, copy and past it right onto the white chat box (don't know how else to name it).

2.) If there isn't html available, right click on the picture and click "Copy image location" then paste it onto this icon 0

3.) picture(s) from your computer, upload them using Photobucket or which ever picture uploader you feel comfortable using, then follow step 1.

Linking a website you wish to share: 1.) copy the link and paste it on this icon 0

happy sharing! 

Scooter --- 8 years ago -

sorry .TWIN. , but your way wrong that thread is 187 days old , and things have changed since then . Adam (the owner) did some upgrades since then .heres Adams thread explaining that it went to bb code . 

.TWIN. --- 8 years ago -

hmm, i noticed that when i was trying to post a picture for the Labor Day thread. Had to use BB codes. So just change step 1 (HTML code to using BB codes) step two and 3 still works fine. 

jlgg --- 2 years ago -

This comment has been flagged as spam 

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