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Got Junk? Hard Working Mom Will Haul Away For Free!

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Tmichi --- 8 years ago -

Times are still hard, work is still scarce.

Why do I do it for free?

I do what I can with your stuff,

I give out some high needed items like coats and blankets to shelters and sell the other items at the swap meet.

By helping you, I help others and myself!

Hard working mom making the best out of a bad economy!

Contact Michi : haul4free@live.com

Want to make more room?

*Clearing out that basement/attic?

*Had a Garage sale and want to get rid of the left-overs?

*Tennants/Roommate left too much junk behind?

As long as I can fit it in my truck and it's not garbage, I will haul it away for free!

Contact me: haul4free@live.com

Small gas donations appreciated but not demanded for hauls outside of Twentynine Palms

Also available for garbage hauling and residence clean outs at a reasonable price! 

Mari (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

Kudos to you Tmichi, making your own way! Good luck with your endeavor. 

Tmichi --- 8 years ago -

Thanks Mari! Appreciate the support! 

Tmichi --- 8 years ago -

Still offering this FREE service!! 

Tmichi --- 8 years ago -

anyone had a garage sale and want to get rid of leftovers??? I'll take it away for free!! 

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