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jayme --- 8 years ago -

Looking for a dog park in or near twentynine palms. Anyone know of one?? 

The Paparazzi --- 8 years ago -

access to base? there's at least one in every housing area 

jayme --- 8 years ago -

We do. Thank you. IF anyone knows of one off base tho, it'd be more conveinent 

IWearHisRank --- 8 years ago -

IF anyone knows of one off base tho

There's one in 801 housing 

Tabasco --- 8 years ago -

There's one in 801 housing

only availble to residents... *cough* us 801ers like to keep the park for us elite only. 

31Flavors --- 8 years ago -

yeah cuz its a gated community, right? heheheheheheheh 

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