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Website giving out too much info!

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Sarah --- 8 years ago -

There's a site called Spokeo.com that's a new online USA phone book w/personal information: , your approx credit score, home value, income, age, even credit card #'s. Remove yourself by searching your name, find your page, copy the URL and then go to the bottom of the page and click on the Privacy link to remove yourself.

I just got done searching myself and found info on me from before I was married and even now with my kids full names and ages! That's definitely too much info being handed out! Thought you all might like to know about it. 

LovinMyBoys --- 8 years ago -

Thanks! BUT This has already went thru here like twice. 

Sarah --- 8 years ago -

Ahh ok, didn't know, I just found out about it myself so thought i'd share just in case. 

Shell --- 8 years ago -

lol wow that is pretty crazy..never knew about that.. I searched my name, didn't find me here in Cali, but found me at my old address...but it has incorrect info..

The (My last name) family lives in Beaufort, South Carolina on (my old address). There are 2 parents (both unknown) and 1 child in the family.

Unless you consider my husky my child, then yes we have a kid! other than that, no kids..lol 

Shell --- 8 years ago -

Wow found my maiden name though at my parents house with all their info...thats a little creepy.. 

Sarah --- 8 years ago -

lol Yeah I found myself under both my maiden name and married name, I had to delete 3-4 profiles of me, definitely creepy 

GoodForYou --- 8 years ago -

They only have me under my maiden name, when I lived with my parents, in their old house. LONG a$$ time ago! 

Tabasco --- 8 years ago -

im no where to be found. i keep a low profile. 

sbonk --- 8 years ago -

me either.. yay 

Tabasco --- 8 years ago -

my neighbor just found out about this today and discovered there were NUDE pics of here that she had emailed privatley to her hubby while deployed... on Spokeo! She didnt find herself by searching her name, it only came up under her email.

so even if you already know about this, if you havent tried searching both ways...you just might want to! I did my email and all my pics from my photo bucket account came up. odd.

anyways, just a heads up to let ya know! 

joe --- 8 years ago -

you think someone like just me would be in it = mine's not a star studded exciting life ?? 

joe --- 8 years ago -

I think you have to pay the membership to have [if you can too] your info deleted from it ?? 

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