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KenasMommy --- 8 years ago -

Does anyone know of a good tanning salon by base that you could recommend? I googled and 2 came up... fake n bake and electric beach. 

The Paparazzi --- 8 years ago -

I havent been to either but I heard good things about fake n bake 

GoodForYou --- 8 years ago -

neither...unless you're all about melanoma... 

BoxTop Hero --- 8 years ago -

thought I'd throw this out there:
there's a billboard on base I think? it says something about organic fake tanning? didnt know there was such a thing but it's obviously way healthier. 

Kerry --- 8 years ago -

I have heard people recommending electric beach but i don't do fake tanning so im not sure 

~*Missy*~ --- 8 years ago -

i tried the organic tanning and it was good i liked it much better then the tanning beds..as for electric tan didnt really try it out got into with their worker..and for fake and bake i did the spray tan n it looked horrible 

Mary Swanson --- 8 years ago -

i used to go to electric beach when we lived out here before.. loved it but havent been since we moved back out here and probably wont. :/ 

Mustluvpits --- 8 years ago -

and for fake and bake i did the spray tan n it looked horrible

My daughter did that and it was horrible...she had drip like stain marks on her...if wouldn't of been so bad if they would of refunded her money back but they don't 

Kaylaa --- 8 years ago -

spray tanning sucks like silly16 said "drip like stains". 

~*Missy*~ --- 8 years ago -

thats with the machine but at the organic place its manually done so they girls add more or less in the areas that you need. i loved it and it is ALOT more safer then tanning beds.. 

Wildfire --- 8 years ago -

Last summer I went to Fake n' Bake and now I'm going to Electric Beach. I rather the beds at Electric Beach. The bulbs seem hotter and I have a much better tan in a shorter time. I've also done the spray tan a few times. Some formulas I was allergic to. If it's not done correctly then it looks horrible. If you use the barrier incorrectly then you have a screwed up tan. 

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