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VCA Animal Hospital? Any opinions?

who's talking here?

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Kelly*J --- 7 years ago -

I saw them online and need to get my cat in tomorrow. They have a coupon for a free exam, but I know how that goes...I'd never even heard of them before. Anyone know of anyone better? My cat is not breathing right and I'm really worried about her. 

Hijack --- 7 years ago -

They are ok. My dog barked and growled at them every time and I started taking him to a vet in Indio (non VCA). They are great and the pup is good with them.

But they (VCA) were good and very nice when I needed to get him in the same day 

Mari (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

It used to be called Hi-Desert, we still go there, but I've recently heard that they're a bit high compared to the Companion Animal Clinic in Yucca Valley. I need to price things out the next time I'm ready to take the fur babies in. 

hannak28 --- 7 years ago -

We have taken both of our pugs to the VCA in Yucca and in Indio. I really liked them both. The one in Indio is an a regular vet and emergency vet so, they are opened 24hrs. Our oldest sees Dr. Perry and he is great with him and Mugzy loves going there. If you go to the VCA in Yucca i would recommended Dr. Taylor. We recently just got a new pug and after having every possible test done and going to three different place he was the only one that actually was able to figure out what was wrong with her. He put her on the correct medication and within about 2 weeks she is doing great. I was so scared because she was only 8 weeks old, but he took his time and answered all the questions I had during the appt and when i called and left message he'd called right back and never made me feel like i was bothering him. 

hannak28 --- 7 years ago -

just an FYI the last time we went to the one in Indio it was $62 for the office vet at the one in Yucca it was $55. 

Mari (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

I know when they were Hi-Desert, they used to have a Puppy Package, covers quite a bit and 10% discount on procedures and such. If you have a puppy, it's nice to have a package for the check-ups and shots and such. 

Ryleighs Momma --- 7 years ago -

We went to the one in 29 and i loved it, its was cheaper than the other vets that i had called and they where great with the dog. 

Mary Swanson --- 7 years ago -

We've gone there since we moved out here and havent had any issues.. usually really helpful and friendly. The doc admitted when he couldnt perform a procedure and we took him to an emergency vet instead. I appreciated that he was honest.. they handled all the after care. 

Kelly*J --- 7 years ago -

Thanks so much! I was actually wondering what happened to the Hi-desert clinic. Good to know they're probably OK. 

Mari (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

Thanks so much! I was actually wondering what happened to the Hi-desert clinic. Good to know they're probably OK. 

As far as I know they're the same, perhaps bought out by a larger vet firm. I just know I started getting reminders from VCA that used to come from Hi-Desert. 

BrittanyElizabeth --- 7 years ago -

Ive never had a problem with them. I think they are a tad more expensive then my vet back home [[only like 2 hours out]] but it was our best option then driving all the way to Yucca or waiting 2 months for an appt on base ! They are always friendly and know me when I walk in 

happywife --- 7 years ago -

they are a little bit expensive (just to see the doctor it is $50) but they can usually get you in immediately and they treat your pets with care 

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