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Any1 live in a one story in adobe flats.

who's talking here?

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*MarineWifey311* --- 7 years ago -

It's a three bedroom two car garage on argos that i was just offered. Don't think I will be able to see it before I accept so I was wondering if anyone knows what they look like! Tanks 

PLATYPUS PERRY --- 7 years ago -

Beggars cant be choosers.. 

*MarineWifey311* --- 7 years ago -

Ummm.....I wasn't trying to choose anything...obviously...they offered it to me I don't have a choice. Duh. I am just curious what it looks like. 

BoxTop Hero --- 7 years ago -

Just take it. be happy you dont have freakin stairs to vacuum.

I've been in a 1 story AF home, it was nice. I didnt like the 2 story AF home i was in.. seemed... squished. 

PLATYPUS PERRY --- 7 years ago -

So why are you asking then if you dont have a choice? Might as well let it be a surprise since you'll be stuck with it.DUH.. 

*MarineWifey311* --- 7 years ago -

Ya that's how mine feels and I am happy about the one story part because I nave had multiple knee surgeerys and I was a surprised how fast I got housing . They would let me view it but I am going home to visit family the day before the people move out lol. I already live in base housing thought so I didn't want to give up my home and end upvhwting the new one lol. But the space will probably be worth it regardless! 

*MarineWifey311* --- 7 years ago -

Sorry for typos my iPad auto corrects. 

Kerry --- 7 years ago -

depends on where on Argos you are getting it, it isn't adobe 1 its either adobe 3 4 or 5. Each one if step up a little different but they are all still nice. 

Kelly*J --- 7 years ago -

If it's one with a 2 car garage they're very nice. Our friends had one of those (on Argos) and I LOVED it. Tons of storage. 

*MarineWifey311* --- 7 years ago -

Ok it's adobe 4. I was just curious cuz I live in sunflower right now and my house is pretty updated but the people who live you like a few houses down from me still have a swamp cooler and old wood cabinets...just alot less updated. 

Yodad --- 7 years ago -

Ok it's adobe 4

if you really want to know, go knock on the door and ask if they would mind you taking a quick look around..kel would...lol 

awesomeamber --- 7 years ago -

Just dont pull out a tape measure and start walking around the room lol... 

MarriedMyHero --- 7 years ago -

if you really want to know, go knock on the door and ask if they would mind you taking a quick look around..kel would...lolĀ 
haha i was gonna say this! 

31Flavors --- 7 years ago -

I do..ur welcome to come look..if u want :) 

*MarineWifey311* --- 7 years ago -

I actually conscired that but I know thry don't give u the address for that reason and you never know that might really offend someone and they would call Lincoln and complain so I decided against it lol! People those days get offended really easy! 

Erin --- 7 years ago -

Here are pics of the Adobe housing.

Adobe pics 

*MarineWifey311* --- 7 years ago -

ThAnks erin 

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