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DMV wait time

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BoxTop Hero --- 12 years ago -

I have an 3:45 appointment in april. I was wondering if the "wait time" on the website of the DMV is pretty true to the minutes or if it's a bunch of bull. 

kElJoY --- 12 years ago -

I guess you will find out lol. I would definitely allow extra time though. 

miss Onassis --- 12 years ago -

Lets just say if you have an appointment at 3:45, get there at 2:45. I had an appointment one time at 145 I arrived at 1:30 and didn't get called until around 3:15. idk if it was just a messed up day but if I have another appointment there I would go really really really early. 

DesertSparky --- 12 years ago -

I've noticed with ANY appointment, DMV, Dr.'s office, court or wherever no matter what time you get there you'll end up waiting at least an hour minimum. Definately, get there a lot earlier than your appointed time. 

Jennin29Palms --- 12 years ago -

Last time I had an appointment I didnt wait more than 15 minutes. I wouldn't go more than 15 minutes early just adds to the wait time. They close at what 5? At least you know they can't make you wait hours, they'll want to go home. 

BoxTop Hero --- 12 years ago -


DexterMorganIsMyHero --- 12 years ago -

We were there yesterday for a 3:45 appt. Got there at 3:30, got called to the counter within 5 minutes, paid, tested, and out the door by 4:30. 

BoxTop Hero --- 12 years ago -

NICE thanks for that reassurance JD 

BoxTop Hero --- 12 years ago -

well the appointment time was 1045am (after later confirmation), DH got there at 1030, and out at 1041. very awesome!

This just goes to prove that everyone should NOT wait til the last minute and schedule an appointment! the line was out the door when DH got there and just trotted on past them TWICE! 

michelle1 --- 12 years ago -

one thing I love and appreciate about the naval hospital is that as long as you're on time (10-15 min early), you get seen right at your appointment time. 

Kerry --- 12 years ago -

naval hospital is that as long as you're on time (10-15 min early), you get seen right at your appointment time.

Wrong, yes most of the time but not always. I was 20 mins early becuz of the fact i wasn't going to go home and waste a few mins and went up there and got called back 20 mins after my appt so 40 mins i wasted. 

BoxTop Hero --- 12 years ago -

I've been seen immediately for the most part at the naval hospital but there are a handful of times that my blood pressure was rising because of my wait time. 

michelle1 --- 12 years ago -

it still beats 1 or more hours. .i remember the OB GYN i was seeing when i wasn't going to the NH and for a 5 minute visit i always had to wait at least an hour. it was ridiculous 

jlgg --- 6 years ago -

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