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What are some..

who's talking here?

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AnotherHousewife --- 7 years ago -

What are some of the foods/condiments that you buy that CAN NOT be store brand? Just curious because the husband and I were arguing about it last night lol

Ketchup is a HUGE one for me, I hate store brand Ketchup it has to Heintz

Cheese is another one 

sharpeilover22 --- 7 years ago -


AnotherHousewife --- 7 years ago -

oh Ranch is a good one!! 

DanaFromPennsylvania --- 7 years ago -

I agree with the ketchup. The heinz organic is so much better than any other ketchup we've had. And bread. Store brand bread always tastes awful!

We usually don't buy store brand with a lot of things, just because we are in the habit of what we like with certain things, and of course once you ask the question, I can't think of any of the others lol 

BoxTop Hero --- 7 years ago -

Ranch, definitely. Too many times I skimped and bought the 3/$5 at FFL and it's not the same. 

AnotherHousewife --- 7 years ago -

My husband says that mayo is a big NO NO I do not eat mayo so I bought store brand once, I never heard the end of it lol 

Andreebabie --- 7 years ago -

American cheese 

*718* --- 7 years ago -

^ american cheese, has to be. I got the Stater brand once and it was nasty. 

kElJoY --- 7 years ago -

Dukes. Of course you can't find it here. boos 

on a need to know basis --- 7 years ago -

peanut butter 

Justatouchofcute --- 7 years ago -

Cheese, mayo and any salad dressings. Yeah I am picky! Lol 

kElJoY --- 7 years ago -

I only want ketchup.
It's all that I like.
I don't need a burger.
I don't need a bike.

I don't want a tuba,
a truck or a train,
bananas, bandanas,
pianos or rain.

I'll pass on canasta,
gymnastics and chess.
I don't need a diamond
a dog or a dress.

I'm fine without fairies,
canaries or figs,
tomatoes, tornadoes,
tortillas and twigs.

I'd give up guitars
and carnations and cheese,
the stars in the sky
and the wind in the trees.

I don't need a hug
or an afternoon hike.
Just pass me the ketchup.
It's all that I like! 

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