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I hate this.

who's talking here?

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AAlexis --- 12 years ago -

Seems as though someone dumped a litter of kittens in 801 housing. I found one under my car today and my neighbor found one also. Why can't people find homes for them? Wish I could keep them they are adorable! 

TundraMom --- 12 years ago -

It might be that the mom was a stray, had her kittens & then either took off or maybe she was hit/killed by a car.?? It's not always that they were dropped off. It's more likely for kittens/cats to be strays than dogs (IMO).

Just wondering... how old is the kitten? Is it old enough that it's eating kitten food or does it still need to be bottle fed?? Poor kittens! 

AAlexis --- 12 years ago -

They are old enough thankfully. But they are litter trained already and are very sweet to humans that's why i'm thinking someone dumped them :( 

PLATYPUS PERRY --- 12 years ago -

so what? either take them in, call animal control or mind ur business... 

Sparky the Snowman --- 12 years ago -

call animal control
Yes, call animal control. At least they'll get the proper care they need. 

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