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Working from home???

who's talking here?

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Sara 2
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Sara --- 11 years ago -

Does anyone here have any suggestions on any companies that you can work from home? 

SMorales0826 --- 11 years ago -

Avon & scentsy are the top two, I think, but competition is tough out here lol (: 

Tabasco --- 11 years ago -

medical billing and coding 

*MarineWifey311* --- 11 years ago -

Uppercase living 

Hijack --- 11 years ago -

medical billing and coding

But what are the ligit companies that are good to work for? I think that is what she is asking for. 

Sara --- 11 years ago -

Yes something legit. The medical billing and coding is one... is there schooling to have to complete before doing that? 

oTBN38o --- 11 years ago -

what? you mean SAHM is not legit? dang husband tricked me!!! 

IWearHisRank --- 11 years ago -

you mean SAHM is not legit?

Dang rights it legit! Im a SAHM of two teenaged daughters, its hard work, I tell ya!! 

DocsWife --- 11 years ago -

I sell Mary Kay, it's tough out here though. I did a lot better back home and at Parris Island. 

susimaru --- 8 years ago -

Does anyone here have any suggestions on any companies that you can work from home?

Hi if you are good in surfing then dont worry there are ample of jobs available online to work and earn money rite from your home ..Here i list out some legit ways to earn money online .They are
Paid Writing
Buying/Selling domains
Online Marketing
Virtual Assistant
Stock/forex trading
Medical Transcription
Among the above i am doing reseller business to earn money online.Reseller is nothing but selling products or services of others by fixing high rate and earning money by getting commission from them .For this we need to have reseller account .To get reseller account visit Goresellers.com here they provide two reseller plan Basic reseller and Pro reseller .You can choose one among them and start selling Domain ,Web hosting plans,SSL etc at higher rates and earn money . I hope it will be helpful to you............... 

jlgg --- 6 years ago -

This comment has been flagged as spam 

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