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curious if doesn't offend if

who's talking here?

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joe --- 7 years ago -

asking if what kind of dead animals does anyone see in the area in desert [curious]?? In the towns too. 

badtzmaru --- 7 years ago -

I personally see dead rabbits and squirrels :[ -- but where i'm from i usually see dead dogs, cats,snakes, crabs and pigs!!! (from an island) and NO ONE picks it up.. it just lays there and it'll be there until they evaporate or whatever the word. *i've even seen someone SWERVE OFF THE ROAD TO PURPOSEFULLY HIT A DOG! ughh!!! 

DJCC --- 7 years ago -

Saw a dead coyote on the grade last night 

joe --- 7 years ago -

once I saw a coyote carrying a dead snake in it's mouth [on side of Amboy road]..I was with my mother going to town then. 

IWearHisRank --- 7 years ago -

Not offensive to me. I actually like seeing blood and gore. 

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