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Some pple just forget them Meds !

who's talking here?

IWearHisRank 1
joe 2

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joe --- 7 years ago -

they do not take the needed meds and end up inventing intergalactic spacecraft !! That's why unnecessary things get 'invented' see.. Warp-drive comes from people missing their nitroglycerin doses. 

IWearHisRank --- 7 years ago -

Sometimes its no laughing matter, Joe. I heard on the news that a satelite will be hitting the earth tonight or tomorrow morning! Some pieces weighing over 300 lbs. Gosh I hope not in the OC. Hopefully somewhere in the desert. LOL Kidding kidding! 

joe --- 7 years ago -

that does happen YDKM actually ..I recall once that 'Skylab' was going to fall to earth in pieces and people were anxious about where it would come to..Plus I just had launched my own movie satellite, BUT it may not of gone far enough into the sky and might run into Adobe road ! 

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