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pools on base

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MarineWifeAndMommy --- 8 years ago -

Are they open yet? I know the training pool is. Are kids allowed there? I have a 1 and 6 year old. Sorry never been to any before so Idk any rules or anything. Any info is appreciated :) TIA 

kElJoY --- 8 years ago -

It will be awhile before any of those pools are warm enough to swim in for a 1 and 6 year old.

Are kids allowed there?

Yes. The pool is heated but unless you are swimming the whole time and keeping your head underwater...it is COLD. Which is fine unless you are 1 and 6. 

OU812 --- 8 years ago -

You really shouldn't take a one year old to ANY public pool....They have no control over their bladder and therefore are a health hazard to other swimmers...Go buy a little blowup pool for the kido and be happy with that.... 

KALMsMomma --- 8 years ago -

I want to say the last newsletter I got from Lincoln said the pools would open March 31st BUT I am not 100% sure.... 

kElJoY --- 8 years ago -

Builds up your immunity system. :) 

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