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Spring forward :-)

who's talking here?

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kElJoY 4
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oTBN38o --- 7 years ago -

Spring forward this Saturday night ladies and gentlemen, spring forward. :-)

one hour forward... that means waking up one hour early, blah. 

kElJoY --- 7 years ago -

I can't WAIT to have that extra daylight at the end of the day!!! 

29Native --- 7 years ago -

It also means the flowers are coming!!! I can not wait to go up to Gold Park and see all the poppies plus the field by B&B 

kElJoY --- 7 years ago -

Maybe not this year. We are going into the 3rd worst drought in 50 years and the flower forecast isn't good according to reports I've seen. :( 

SewnLove --- 7 years ago -

I can't wait til it's starts getting warmer, not HOT, but just a little warmer. 

kElJoY --- 7 years ago -


imperfectly perfect --- 7 years ago -

Im super happy to spring forward, I need more time in the evening and when it's dark I feel like its too late to do anything. 

Mary Swanson --- 7 years ago -

2 am Sunday morning! :) Cant wait.. 

Erin --- 7 years ago -

I wish it the chill could stay. I enjoy my hoodies and hate summer clothes. 

kElJoY --- 7 years ago -

Oh gosh...we have to spring forward tonight???? blah....I'm so tired... 

oTBN38o --- 6 years ago -


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