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it is good question ..

who's talking here?

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joe --- 7 years ago -

..WHY people get into other people's business when their own personal contentment does not depend on it at all! --------------------------- Why not be happy with their own lives or in themselves and allow others to enjoy theirs in peace [I am not against people visiting seeing eachother which is not it]. People act like they do not use their heads in daily life I feel it seems. But I'd see that as the ages have shown humans have a evil side to their nature and some choose to pursue after that instead !------------ My point then is sadly though ONE does not get away with any bad choice I'd like to inform them eventually they will be caught up in such things.Many think you get away with but you never really do and when the person does not care too.It is like say smoking wrongly you end up with cancer after many years / Not really referring to Eastern Karma here either. 

Hollz --- 7 years ago -

Joe, you know Kel is gonna say she needs paragraphs. Lol 

kElJoY --- 7 years ago -

I DO!!!! I really gotta make an eye dr. appointment...smh. 

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