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GunnysPrideJoy --- 11 years ago -

Does anyone use Pinterest? If so how do you like it? 

Beach Living --- 11 years ago -

I LOVE it.

Super addicting and GREAT ideas!

Lots of workout tips too. :) 

Dimples --- 11 years ago -

Totally addicted to pinterest! My dream closet is on there as well as my home lol It's been awesome for our home reno. 

kElJoY --- 11 years ago -

Not really my thing but I see a lot of my FB friends using it. 

5kids3dogs --- 11 years ago -

I love Pinterest! I do think there are a lot of "ideas" that are really impractical though, but with the right photography skills ANYTHING can look amazing lol. 

GunnysPrideJoy --- 11 years ago -

I'm Pinning now, still trying to get the hang of things. Thanx ladies for the advice. 

5kids3dogs --- 11 years ago -

What are you Pinning? I usually go for the garden related stuff. There are a lot of fun kids craft projects also. I also enjoy pictures of chocolate. I do not eat chocolate, but really like to see it done up all pretty on cakes and such... 

Kara --- 11 years ago -

I like to get ideas on decorating or do-it-yourself projects. 

GunnysPrideJoy --- 11 years ago -

I'm Pinning things that go with summer. Do it yourself dream projects and art. So far at least. 

Dimples --- 11 years ago -

I pin decorating ideas, kids crafts, recipes and party ideas. Right now we are redoin the kitchen and backyard along with redecorating certain rooms in the house so I pin a lot of ideas or looks for reference of what I'm wanting to do. 

RaeRie (Mod) --- 11 years ago -

I love Pinterest! I like looking for fun stuff to do with my kiddo, healthy food, and I'm definitely guilty of pinning pictures of cute animals lol. 

GunnysPrideJoy --- 11 years ago -

I love it too! It's fun and entertaing. I've found some great summer ideas for food. 

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