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Plume Chasing Season Has Begun

who's talking here?

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harmono --- 6 years ago -

They're back! The plumes that only show on radar, but not on satellite are back. What are you Marines up to? Bombing again? I guess it's top secret, and I'll never know. The plumes are showing up again as I predicted almost a year ago when I came up there on some silly adventure looking for the Pisgah crater to erupt. I still don't know what it is, but it's probably caused by the military activity there. I sent a note asking NOAA about it, but it looks like they are not interested in answering the question. We are talking alot of smoke, but I guess it's ok because it's desert, not a highly populated area? I had fun last year and I'm thinking of going up there, especially Joshua, and the Palm Springs tramway were fun. Leave the A/C on for me will you? 

kElJoY --- 6 years ago -

Hello harmono :) 

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