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who's talking here?

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kElJoY --- 11 years ago -


What's shaking bacons? :) 

kElJoY --- 11 years ago -



I had to laugh seeing one of my 29PUG friends had liked this page!!! Guess who... 

kElJoY --- 11 years ago -


Mid-Western CAKE!! ;) 

RaeRie (Mod) --- 11 years ago -

That's awesome. Of course she liked it! Who wouldn't?! 

kElJoY --- 11 years ago -

No doubt lol. 

Erin --- 11 years ago -

Hubby's birthday. Grilled, cake, laying on couch overfull!!! 

Mari (Mod) --- 11 years ago -

My daughter's 19th birthday, relaxing with her, quiet celebration today. 

imperfectly perfect --- 11 years ago -

Went to the pool with some friends who just pcs'd here, now I am making hair bows for my little one while she sleeps! (Im sure she won't sleep tonite) 

Dimples --- 11 years ago -

Cleaning up and napped after yesterday's summer water party I had for the kids and their friends. Water slide bounce house, wading pool, water balloon fight and toss, and squirt guns. I also have more leftovers than I know what to do with lol so burnt and tired today but the party was a hit :) 

Hollz --- 11 years ago -

This place is pathetic. The first page has posts from 11 days ago. Rme.

Where's Yo-dad... Anyone talk to him? If so tell I said hello. :-) 

Erin --- 11 years ago -

Not much. Contemplating chickens. Taking some snapshots (I won't say photos because I am neither a photographer or a fauxtographer)for a friend. Going snake hunting tonight since the boys have seen more than their fair share in the past week...don't worry, I won't hurt them, just want pics. 

kElJoY --- 11 years ago -

Icing my foot. Still. 

on a need to know basis --- 11 years ago -

Cleaned did some paper work, entertained the children. I still need to hang some blinds which I absolutely hate doing. 

on a need to know basis --- 11 years ago -

Poor Kel are you feeling okay? 

kElJoY --- 11 years ago -

*sniff sniff" Yes a little better but that is probably the drugs talking. Did you see the cool pic I posted of it in my profile lol? 

5kids3dogs --- 11 years ago -

I saw the pic! Blech! I liked it better when I didn't know what was under the bandage LOL. 

IWearHisRank --- 11 years ago -

Did you see the cool pic I posted of it in my profile lol?

Eeeeewwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! WTH???? OUCH.....

Not much going on today in the OC. Church and breakfast for us, this morning, farmers market and tea. Napped and enjoying the ocean breeze...(yawn) I think I need another nap. 

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