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Need a part time JOB

who's talking here?

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DerekUSMC --- 6 years ago -

I'm a Marine, stationed here in 29. Looking for a part time job to keep me busy on the weekends.. or nights. I have several years mechanical experience as well as sales management. Motivated and looking to make some extra money. Thanks. -Derek 

kElJoY --- 6 years ago -

71 views. Get any job offers yet?

This is more the "needs a babysitter/housecleaner/handyman/dress up like a fireman kinda crowd.

You would find work faster I'm sure with Majik Mike like skills. Can you dance? 

DerekUSMC --- 6 years ago -

lol.. No offers as of yet. Dang right I got moves. I'm actually an ex exotic male dancer. I made that last part up. 

China Doll --- 6 years ago -

I'm actually an ex exotic male dancer. I made that last part up.


kElJoY --- 6 years ago -

*busts out laughing* 

MisoDragon2012 --- 6 years ago -


imperfectly perfect --- 6 years ago -

*busts out laughing*
Right there with ya! That was funny 

kElJoY --- 6 years ago -


MisoDragon2012 --- 6 years ago -


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