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Would it be wrong of me to...

who's talking here?

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SMorales0826 --- 7 years ago -

schedule a c-section for my second child (a boy) on the same day as my 2 year old son's bday? sorry if it's confusing, lol
basically, if i schedule it, my son will be 3 on the day his little brother is also born. i think it's unique and cute, but all of my friends are telling me that the boys are gonna hate me when they are older, lol 

SuzieHomemakerEnviesMe --- 7 years ago -

My due date was on my sisters bday and even she didn't want to share a birthday with her nephew and she's 25..thank goodness I pushed him out the day before...

my boys are 10 days a part as far as the date......they are going to hate me as teenagers..give them their own days...

you never know the baby may come earlier 

SMorales0826 --- 7 years ago -

haha! my youngest brother and my uncle share the same birthday. when my mom went into labor, of course we are all gonna go and see her and stuff. but my uncle got all depressed cause no one paid him any attention. lol

my due date is dec 1st, and my son's bday is nov 30. i still have a whole month to think about it, because i know i am going to have a c-section, it's just a matter of picking out WHICH day, ugh lol

reseter told me that today too about the baby coming earlier, which i don't mind at all! if the baby wants to come before the scheduled c-section, by all means i'll be happy! lol 

SuzieHomemakerEnviesMe --- 7 years ago -

lol cute 

Hollz --- 7 years ago -

I say let them have their own day. :-) 

RaeRie (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

Being born right next to a holiday is bad enough. Don't make them share a birthday. 

IWearHisRank --- 7 years ago -

Being born right next to a holiday is bad enough

I agree! Give them thier own special day! 

imperfectly perfect --- 7 years ago -

I wouldnt want to have my children share a birthday. I didnt even want my children born close to each others. That is a special day for each child. If it happened naturally, thats one thing, but to purposely plan that, I wouldn't. Besides, it would be really expensive in the future when it comes to bday parties and presents. :) 

kElJoY --- 7 years ago -

eh...I don't think it is that big of a deal. People who are twins/multiples share the same birthday.

it would be really expensive in the future when it comes to bday parties and presents.

How so? It would be the same expense either way. 

SMorales0826 --- 7 years ago -

@Keljoy: that's what i was thinking. but whenever i told my friends and family, they all told me the same thing everyone from above are telling me, that it's not fair and that my kids will hate me. lol

i was thinking that it would also be actually less expensive to have one bday party. 

kElJoY --- 7 years ago -

my kids will hate me.

They are going to end up doing that at some point eventually anyhow when they are teenagers lol. 

Wildfire --- 7 years ago -

I was born the day after my oldest sister. We're 6 years apart. I never disliked my parents because of it. When we were younger we had to share a birthday cake because money was tight and Momma always baked our cakes. I always wanted my own though. Finally got it when she got to where she thought she was too old for a homemade birthday cake so she did without. :) 

on a need to know basis --- 7 years ago -

My two younger daughters are 1 year and two days apart. They share birthday parties but I get them their own cake. 

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