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Ocotillo Heights

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ape92102 --- 6 years ago -

We were recently offered a house in Ocotillo. We want be able to view the inside until the end of the month. It looks fairly small. Can anyone offer any information on the houses and the community? 

IWearHisRank --- 6 years ago -

What street? 

Rude Rudy --- 6 years ago -

Why not go knock on the door of a similar house in the neighborhood, introduce yourself, explain you will be moving soon and see if the occupants would mind giving you a tour of their house...What better way to meet your future neighbors and strike up a friendship....JMO....... 

BoxTopHero --- 6 years ago -

Ape, some are smaller than the others. if its a 1 stall garage it's a smaller feel than the 2 stall. and no the stalls done denote rank, so dont be fooled. 

RaeRie (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

I don't think they're small at all, personally. But I was only in one house in Octillo Heights. 

becauseIsaidso --- 6 years ago -

I am in a one car garage 4 bedroom. I don't think it is small at all. Mine is a two story. 

Baybay --- 6 years ago -

I agree with becauseisaidso. I live in a four bedroom with one car garage that is two story. I personally don't think it is small. It is larger than most of the houses we have been in on other bases. 

NMnative --- 6 years ago -

personally I think it is kinda rude to ask someone to see their home. Plus some people might no appreciate you asking them, and they could end up calling housing on you, ruining your chances of getting into base housing. I would never do that and wouldn't like that if someone did it to me. Not the best way to meet new neighbors. JMO 

ape92102 --- 6 years ago -

Thanks for the comments. It's on Fuller...I think. 

prettylady3 --- 6 years ago -

I'd say you're welcome to see mine, but if it's on Fuller it's not the same. I'm on Upshur. 

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