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Andi77 --- 6 years ago -

Someone stole from my house. Im really sad. Im waiting for the items to appear on the site but they havent yet and its been 48 hours. Im so MAD. They jumped my fence and went in my back yard while I was HOME. Nasty tweeker a'holes!! Im so mad. They are seriously done if we see them in town with my items. Done, like call 911 kinda done. 

DJCC --- 6 years ago -

Were the stolen items located outside your house? Can I ask what neighborhood?

Sorry this happened to you :(. I've thought about an alarm, but seems most companies want a long term commitment. 

Andi77 --- 6 years ago -

Yes, in my fenced backyard, 6 foot wooden fence at that. Brand new home owner, pay my taxes, and some tweeker thought it a good idea to take what he wanted... UGH I already HATE 29 PALMS! And trust me tweeker loser if you are reading this, cops and investigators are all over this case. YOU ARE DONE. I will never forget as time goes on. EVER, go to Mc Donalds or something, anything. Boom. 

kElJoY --- 6 years ago -

Did you see the person(s)? What did they take? 

kElJoY --- 6 years ago -

WAIT - why did the user self-obliterate??? 

OU812 --- 6 years ago -

WAIT - why did the user self-obliterate???

Maybe it didn't really happen and they were just startin some drama...JMO 

Hijack --- 6 years ago -

I vote made up. They used tweeker too many times. How do they know it was a tweeker? Maybe someone just wanted their stuff. 

SewnLove --- 6 years ago -

They used tweeker too many times
Maybe they're the tweeker. 

PCSing in Sep --- 6 years ago -

I've thought about an alarm, but seems most companies want a long term commitment. 

David, have you considered a portable alarm system? This is what we will be getting when we move into a rental.

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