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PCSing soon, need housing advice. DHS & Morongo Valley

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PCSing in Sep --- 6 years ago -

Hello everyone! We'll be arriving in September and are looking to split a commute between the base and Palm Springs. I am looking for housing in Desert Hot Springs and Morongo Valley. Does anyone have any advice about the area or property managers? Thanks! 

SewnLove --- 6 years ago -

I wouldn't recommend DHS or Morongo Valley, to be honest. 

PCSing in Sep --- 6 years ago -

Well I am trying to finish my degree and the only 4-year university is CSU in Palm Desert. I would also like to find a job as I work full time here at Camp Lejeune. I just can't commute from Yucca Valley every day and need to what are the best areas are to live in those cities. 

Hijack --- 6 years ago -

I would advice against DHS and more toward Morongo if those are your only choices. I have never heard good things about DHS. Too many crimes. 

DJCC --- 6 years ago -

DHS covers a large land mass; plus there are some unincorporated areas west of DHS that are considered "DHS". I'd be leery of statements such as all of DHS being considered crime ridden.

I sympathize with the OP's concerns about higher education and full time employment in such a remote area. I know MANY MANY people on base whose spouses have loooong commutes to LA or San Diego area. I'm currently in Burbank after a pleasant 3hr drive to work :) Thankfully I don't have to do it every day. 

Jennin29Palms --- 6 years ago -

I agree I'd look more into Morongo Valley. Just check out the neighborhood before leasing. When we lived in Yucca it was only 30 minutes to Palm Desert. You may consider the end of Yucca Valley. 

DJCC --- 6 years ago -

+1 the western end of YV isn't a bad choice. Its about 30 mins to base / 30 mins to palm desert as Jennin29Palms says. At the western end of YV you avoid all the slow parts (traffic lights; lower speed limits) on 62 that make commuting from 29 palms to palm desert less desirable :) 

kElJoY --- 6 years ago -


kElJoY --- 6 years ago -

I just can't commute from Yucca Valley every day

My SSSHH lives in 29 and commutes up to 3 days a week to California Baptist University in Riverside. It can be done. Going from Yucca to DHS would be a breeze. 

PCSing in Sep --- 6 years ago -

Thanks to everyone for the advice! I hadn't considered the end of Yucca Valley as an option but I will definitely keep it in mind. I have heard bad things about the DHS area so if we decide to go that route I will definitely be careful about where we live. Although that will be a long drive for my husband so I think he will fight me on that one! I am currently trying to get into nursing school at CSU Palm Desert campus so I will be going to school Mon-Fri and possibly weekends as clinicals get started so I want to live as close to Palm Desert as I can. If I don't get into the program I want to go to school at least part-time to finish some type of degree (I am in a sociology program here in NC) to say I have a degree at least and try to find full or almost full-time employment.

Does anyone have the name of a property manager or realtor in YV or Morongo Valley? 

kElJoY --- 6 years ago -

I am currently trying to get into nursing school at CSU Palm Desert campus

Copper Mountain College in Joshua Tree has a Nursing Program too. Have you looked into it? 

PCSing in Sep --- 6 years ago -

I already have an associates degree. I am pursuing my bachelors. 

kElJoY --- 6 years ago -


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