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Single Sailor Housing in 29 Palms

who's talking here?

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jeffreypoulson083 --- 9 years ago -

Any information on how to live off base. 

DJCC --- 9 years ago -

Call the housing office (760) 830-6611 is probably the first step.

Check these for rental info:


TIP: Make sure your landlord isn't also listing the place for sale, maybe ask for lease modification that if sold the buyer has to rent to you for remainder of lease. We rented a house only to have to move because the owner sold it (and never told us he was listing it!). We only discovered it was for sale when a realtor contacted us to show it.

My wife is in the Navy, and we received **zero** information about how housing works, and this was her first duty station.

No one would talk to us until she had orders, and she didn't have orders because of new budget regulations implemented in the summer of 2009 that said orders couldn't be processed unless the money for PCS was available.

As a result, she didn't get orders until beginning of the new fiscal year (Oct 1), but she was due on base in Oct... so we had 2 weeks time from receiving orders until she was due out here - and we were moving from the East Coast.

We flew out here on our own dime to look at houses and rented a home a few weeks before we knew she had to come out here. Glad we did since so little time between getting orders and having to move out here :( The first 10 days or so we only had what was in our suitcases while we waited for stuff to arrive from across country. Good times!! 

jeffreypoulson083 --- 9 years ago -

Well I'm about to be stationed at the Naval Hospital there and I really don't wanna live in a barracks anymore lol
Where did your wife work at 29 palms? 

DJCC --- 9 years ago -

I would call housing office and make sure you can live off base.

One of the realtors we worked with **claimed** that single enlisted can't live off base anymore. It used to be that a group of them would get together and use their BAH to rent a home together, but they are apparently no longer allowed to do this. She cited this as a reason for all the empty homes in town and rental prices falling. Again, I don't know for certain. 

jeffreypoulson083 --- 9 years ago -

Hmm ok
well I'll definitely give them a call. Thank you so much. 

DocsWife --- 9 years ago -

When my husband was a 'single' Sailor he had to write a chit (sp) to live off base and have financial counseling done. Not sure how much its changed considering this was 4 years ago. :/ its probably roughly the same though. Do your research on realtors/realty places! We got screwed when we tried living off base! 

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