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CtRollerJ33P --- 6 years ago -

Hiya! My names Kate. I'd like to tell you all about my horrible day.

I just moved here today from Brookfield Connecticut. It's a little town right next door from Newtown, ct where the horrific elementary school shooting took place. I spent the last day of my cross country trip on the phone with friends and getting updates on the catastrophe as it unfolded, hoping that none of my friend's family was injured or worse. Awful. If anyone here has personal ties to that tragedy, my heart goes out to you. I'm still in shock that such evil even exists in people.

Then I returned to the home in wonder valley that my husband and I bought together before recruiting duty took us to Ct. When we walked in we quickly realized that our house had been robbed and all our major appliances were stolen. Sadly, they were all new and lovely when we bought them just three years ago. The robbers destroyed our sliding glass door getting our stuff in and out. I'm very disappointed in all of this.

I always regarded 29 palms with a warm heart and good memories but I'm more than a little frustrated that the deserts homecoming party was underwhelming.

At any rate, hello again ladies and gents. I look forward to moving up from here and getting back into the 2-9 way of life.

If you or anyone else is selling a cheap refrigerator, stove, washer or dryer please message me. I don't care what they look like, they just have to work. I have cash and a truck. Thanks. 

oTBN38o --- 6 years ago -

wow, sorry to hear that.

as for appliances. you can check on this Yardsale site. 29Palms Yard Sale 

kElJoY --- 6 years ago -

I do hope you made a police report and have insurance that can replace the appliances. 

CtRollerJ33P --- 6 years ago -

Yes to both. 

kElJoY --- 6 years ago -

Very good. 

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