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Arcade in 29?

who's talking here?

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Andi29 --- 6 years ago -

Hey guys, I am a local to Twentynine for 4 years now. I am in the process of getting my business loan approved right now and wanted some feed back from y'all. What would you think of a modern arcade in 29? I am nearly done with the paperwork process, well about halfway, I found my spot I want, the old Mango Hut spot near the post office. I tried for a better location but everything on the main strips dont have kitchens. I want to do pizza, basic carnival style foods there, and use the old dining area as a gaming center. But a modern one, with 8 X Boxes on the wall, a WII station, a long table under the front windows for laptops. Music on, a few old school arcade games, claw machine, gum ball machines so on... and a seating area with tables and bean bags for football games that come on TV. I have children and have had a hard time finding a local cheap spot for my kids to hangout. Would you visit us? What would you like to see? I am thinking setting up outdoor tables too, just an all around youth hangout spot. 

Erin --- 6 years ago -

Well, I would rather bring my kids to a typical arcade...tokens and arcade games. We have a game system so bringing them somewhere else to pay for the same thing they can do at home does not seem like something I would do.

I will tell you what I would LOVE!! A roller rink ;o)

I wish you luck on your venture!! 

Andi29 --- 6 years ago -

Thanks! But we will have food and friends to meetup, music, football games on the flat screen so on. Look for our grand opening sometime in April or a month before or after. 

oTBN38o --- 6 years ago -

ooh, sounds exciting! Good Luck! ^_^ 

Dog Training --- 6 years ago -

The old Mango Hut is very small, barely enough room to eat. Can't imagine it would offer elbow room for gaming and eating. 

Rude Rudy --- 6 years ago -

There use to be a arcade, go-kart track and paint ball park in 29 Palms. It lasted for maybe one season...sooooooooooooo GOOD LUCK!!!! 

Andi29 --- 6 years ago -

Hey, thanks guys! When was the arcade active in 29? 

Andi29 --- 6 years ago -


Andi29 --- 6 years ago -

And yeah, I know its super small. Its what I can afford to start and not many vacant spots in 29 have a full service kitchen in them either. Im doing more of a cafe style food area not really "restaurant" style. So I think it will work. I get free reign to remodel too. 

SewnLove --- 6 years ago -

I will tell you what I would LOVE!! A roller rink ;o)
That would be nice 

Erin --- 6 years ago -

That would be nice

I know right! Can you imagine, a hot summer day and having a place to take the kids! Gee, if only...lol 

on a need to know basis --- 6 years ago -

There used to be a skating rink a long time ago and a theater. The old arcade used to be across the street from the banks in town. It is now a karate and florist store. It was called The Silver Quarter Arcade. 

SewnLove --- 6 years ago -

yup, my hubby said there was a small skating rink right next to the bowladium. I heard awhile back that they were going to open one up in Yucca. 

Mari (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

Wasn't there also an arcade in the building across from Edchadas on 62 (seems like 2 years ago or so)? 

AnnonyMiss --- 6 years ago -

I'd go there with my pre teen son. I didn't read all but if you set up a wifi hot spot it would be great as well. 

Scarletsambition --- 6 years ago -

Any thing that offers something new to do with the kids I would welcome! Hope this is a huge success! Good luck! 

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