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AnnonyMiss --- 6 years ago -

Hi, I just wanna do a quick intro. I am 30, married since I was 19 to the same man, 3 wonderful busy boys and have a furbaby who is like a daughter to me and a RES turtle(also Male). Our sons are 10,3,2 

prettylady3 --- 6 years ago -

This place has been dying for quite some time, but welcome! 

Erin --- 6 years ago -

Nice to meet you. 

AnnonyMiss --- 6 years ago -

Thank you. I noticed it was a pretty slow place but maybe we can bring it back to life if we just start "talking". 

Erin --- 6 years ago -

Well, lets see. I have two boys ages 8 and 11. I also have two dogs and a cat. All of my household is male except myself. How are you liking the area so far? 

AnnonyMiss --- 6 years ago -

I love it here. The scenery is absolutely amazing and the neighbors I have I have been blessed by God with. 

SewnLove --- 6 years ago -

I have a 4yr old daughter, and a dog named Charger, welcome to 29:) 

AnnonyMiss --- 6 years ago -

Thank you :) were looking for an additional dog soon. I have a small lap dog but looking for a guard dog that will be safe with children. 

Scarletsambition --- 6 years ago -

Annonymiss I am new also so maybe we can bring it back to life! I will be in 29 Palms this summer and was hoping this site would give me some great info from people already there. 

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