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Looking for a decent dentist in 29...HELP!

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danniep07 --- 10 years ago -

So I just moved out here about 3 months ago, went out to 29 Palms Dental yesterday and the doc straight up tried to swindle me. He says I need 3 root canals and various other work, when I know I simply need filling (considering I was at my TRUSTED dentist not even a year ago and was cavity-free). To my dismay, I read the reviews on the place and come to find out, they do indeed tell you that you need a ton of work done when you really dont! My question is, does anyone have suggestions as to a legit dental office I can go to?


Scarletsambition --- 10 years ago -

I will be going there this summer and I would love to know this also. 

Rude Rudy --- 10 years ago -

My question is, does anyone have suggestions as to a legit dental office I can go to?

In 29 Palms??? Your joking with us, RIGHT??? 

danniep07 --- 10 years ago -

I was told Dr. Gedlund was okay in 29, and that Dr. Lombardo in Yucca was good too. I just need some backup, bc the last thing I wanna do is give money to another crap office lol! 

prettylady3 --- 10 years ago -

Dr Geduld is fantastic! Both myself and my daughter go to him. 

Erin --- 10 years ago -

There is a dentist here named Dr. Green. They are pretty good, but I would recommend going to Yucca or down the hill. For the kids I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Niethamer. He has an office in Yucca Valley and Palm Springs. He is a little different, not the friendliest with adults, but SO good with the kids. My son is VERY afraid of the dentist, very! We went to 4 different dentists in a 2 week time frame to get a baby root canal done and they all ended up having to turn him away because he was so scared. Dr. Niethamer was able to get him in the chair, done with everything and out of the office without a single flinch. 

Mari (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

Dr. Geduld for my children and I since 1999, he's really good, and a very nice person in general. He can be hard to get into, I believe he's semi retired (the last time I spoke to him), but well worth a try getting in. 

AnnonyMiss --- 10 years ago -

I use the dentist in stater brother parking lot, hes great and also great with kids 

FamilyFirst --- 10 years ago -

Thank god you posted this thread! was thinking the same thing. I'd like to know if anyone can recommend a dentist who does take MetLife Tricare (for military) AND is a great doctor.. I looked at the dentists (who were already posted on here) on the MetLife website and their names were not listed for coverage. It doesn't have to be only in 29 palms, it can be down the hill as well! 

Erin --- 10 years ago -

Niethemer takes Met Life and they give a 10% discount for being military. 

danniep07 --- 10 years ago -

thanks for all of the suggestions!
I've decided to give Dr. Geduld a try, hopefully it will turn out good. I have an appointment on Feb 11th, and Ill let you guys know how it goes, hopefully he wont try and convince me that I need all of my teeth drilled and removed lol :) 

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