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Dollar General

who's talking here?

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Erin --- 8 years ago -

Looks like we will be getting one right next to Del Taco on 62. I have never really been a shopper of there, is it any good? 

prettylady3 --- 8 years ago -

It's better than Dollar Tree. I like it for getting stuff for the kids sometimes like birthday goodie bags, stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, etc. There's some brand name stuff, and it's better than having to go to Walmart if you're not wanting to make the trip. 

IWearHisRank --- 8 years ago -

AWFUL location! They won't be there long. There have been so many accidents there!!!! 

Esther555 --- 7 years ago -

didn't seem like a bad location. why were there accidents? 

Queeny --- 7 years ago -

I shop at dollar General over dollar tree, not for toys but for soaps and cards laundry detergent. They are good in a pinch, they also give you coupons at the register for the next time you shop like $5 off. The one close to me currently sells milk, like i said good in a pinch. 

jj50 --- 7 years ago -

and a Marshall's and Ross coming to Yucca Valley 

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