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Need advice on staff housing PLEASE!!

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Scuba Steve --- 6 years ago -

Just got orders to 29 for August. Me and the wife are struggling to find a good place to live on base. We have a 2 year old daughter as well which affects our priorities in regards to location. What staff housing has the nicest interiors, yards, parks, security, and proximity to base facilities? Any and all advice would help tremendously 

Mr Lance Corporal --- 6 years ago -

All the Staff NCO/Officer housing is on base. One section is about a mile from the PX, park ect. It's by the golf course if you can find a map of mainside. The other is in the middle of everything, right by the gas station, commissary and schools. I would imagine the second one mentioned are nicer since, they were just finished in the last yearish. But since I am just a Lance criminal I am not sure. Also I am not sure if you will have much say other than a request in where you get. Hope this helps. 

Mr Lance Corporal --- 6 years ago -


Scuba Steve --- 6 years ago -

Any idea as to the names of those housing districts? 

alwaysright --- 6 years ago -

Go to usmclife.com, navigate yourself to 29palms and BAM pictures 

Rude Rudy --- 6 years ago -

Wait, wait, wait......we have a Staff here that doesn't know how and where to find info on his housing...How in the hell do you lead other Marines if you can't even find your own chit!!!!! Must have been one of those "SPECIAL" promotions...huh???? 

Scuba Steve --- 6 years ago -

Rude rudy, your maturity is very inspiring. Everyone else I appreciate the help 

Mr Lance Corporal --- 6 years ago -

Desert View Terrace is the new ones. Not sure what the other ones is. The housing is run by Lincoln Military Housing. http://www.lincolnmilitary.com/lmh/index.cfm 

imperfectly perfect --- 6 years ago -

Copper Canyon is another SNCO housing area along with Marine Palms 

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