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okay I need a new circle of friends

who's talking here?

Rude Rudy 1
Queeny 2
Mobile Mark 3
jj50 1

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Mobile Mark --- 5 years ago -

I've been trapped in this bubble for far too long and getting out. 

Rude Rudy --- 5 years ago -

You don't need a new circle of friends, you need a completely new surrounding...IMO 

Mobile Mark --- 5 years ago -

you're right a surround in of new friends. 

Queeny --- 5 years ago -

Is there still CWF, I found some great friends there I still keep in contact with even though we have dispersed throughout the country. 

Mobile Mark --- 5 years ago -

and no I have not got out of the bubble yet 

Queeny --- 5 years ago -

Do what I do when I need to talk to someone, chat up the cashier at the commissary, lol 

jj50 --- 5 years ago -

Good idea 

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