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Tricare Closing

who's talking here?

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a3758625uu --- 7 years ago -

ALL Tricare service centers will be closing as of 04-01-2014...we will have to only call the 800 numbers for tricare for any information...how crazy is that? 

Rude Rudy --- 7 years ago -

and this RUMOR has been around since at least 2010. Where did you get your info and did you even try to verify it???? 

a3758625uu --- 7 years ago -

It will be made public soon. The staff has already been notified, their last day of work is March 31. All service centers will be closed and going strictly to call centers. 

Rude Rudy --- 7 years ago -

According to the Tricare Service Centers at the Naval Hospitals, both here and at Camp Pendleton, neither of them have any knowledge about plans to close. I also called Balboa and they claim the same; NOT CLOSING. So I'll call this for what it is BULL CHIT!!!! 

MelBrooks123 --- 7 years ago -

No B... Last work day for the Tricare Service Centers IS 31 March.

by Rick Antonucci, Analyst
The Department of Defense (DOD) recently stated that the new Defense Health Agency (DHA) is slated to save the Pentagon about $2.4 billion over the next 6 years, NextGov reports . The DHA will be composed of the TRICARE Management Activity (TMA) and the Joint Task Force National Capital Region Medical Command, as well as several other military health offices. The organization, which will become active in October of this year, will be commanded by USAF Lt. Gen. Douglas Robb and will employ slightly over 1,000 people.
Under the DHA, support for TMA (the healthcare program for active duty and retired service members, as well as their families) would operate as a shared services model starting on October 1 with support for healthcare delivery across all three military branches, and will also serve as a channel through which healthcare service contracts can be procured. DOD expects to save around $787 million by centrally managing TMA. Some of that money will come from closing walk-in centers at 56 hospitals operated by the 3 service branches, which will be replaced by call centers and online tools. Another $672 million will be saved through central management of IT infrastructure, management, and other services.
All of this means that there will be opportunities in the new DHA. COTS vendors should look for the chance to provide support for the online tools mentioned above, as well as the opportunity to support the consolidation of IT services. There will also have to be a shift from targeting the individual service branches for certain healthcare related contracts towards courting the newly formed DHA when it becomes active in October. As has been stated ad nauseam in various media, savings is the byword of the federal contracting market space, so offering your government customers a clear value proposition and plan for how you intend to help them with their bottom line remains critical.

What the Gov't doesn't seem to know or understand is that the TSC's are REQUIRED to give In/Out briefings and in AK briefings to travel through Canada and many other functions, not just take enrollments. They will have to leave personnel to do that. So the government savings projection is B.C. (as Rudy says). 

Toys for Tom --- 7 years ago -

Why would they even want to change things that are working so well....I knew these new people would change things; and not for the better.... 

Rude Rudy --- 7 years ago -

It is really easy Tom, the more they can save the government, the more they can charge and profit from the change...Too hell with providing the best service possible....$$$$$ is the bottom line!!!! 

a3758625uu --- 7 years ago -

So after April 1, the only help to get from Tricare will be calling a call center...every time I call I am given wrong info or told to go to the service center!! 

MelBrooks123 --- 7 years ago -

Unfortunately, this is DoD creating a Defense Health Agency to combine redundant services. Some anal-yst thought that the function of walk-in service at the Tricare Service Centers could go away because there are call centers that do the same things. What they didn't take into account is all the OTHER things that TSC's do to help the Medical Treatment Facilities and the service members. By TSC's going away, corporate knowledge will be lost. The call center employees do not have the same knowledge and experience that the TSC's now have. Expect the MTF's to start yelling. And BTW...the MTF's were blind sided too. They didn't know it was coming either. It was not publicised BECAUSE it would create an uproar. "So here's the plan and we are doing it whether it makes sense or not or whether you like it or not."

Oh and another thing...Google TriWest and see the new contract they just got for $4B for a new VA service...... Your tax dollars at work...... 

Rude Rudy --- 7 years ago -

I guess all good things must come to an end eventually..... 

laneys mommy --- 7 years ago -

Health care is going down the toilet but I'll bite my tongue on what people thought was passed into law. 

jj50 --- 7 years ago -


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