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Enlisting again after separating

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AliciaB --- 5 years ago -

Hey everyone! My husband separated early in 01/2012. he had an honorable discharge and according to his dd-214, his re-enlistment eligibility code is a 1. We were stationed in 29 palms throughout most of his first enlistment.

Can anyone offer any kind of information for us about re-joining after being discharged fr more than a year? Of course we're going to go into our local recruit center an talk to our local officer, but we're not sure when exactly that will be since we both work.

He's seriously been considering this for a while now. any information is appreciated! 

laneys mommy --- 5 years ago -

It's very very difficult. We know a couple people who have done it but they had to jump through hoops and go active reserve or into a b billet ect. That was I want to say two years ago and it's getting worse. The Corps has to make cuts and they are forcing people who are legible for retention out. I'd go to the recruiter ASAP before the next round of cuts comes down. 

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