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Coyote killer latest adventure LOL

who's talking here?

ushouldkeepher 2

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ushouldkeepher --- 9 years ago -

Well for all you haters of the Coyote Killer which I love the haters...:)here is what she is up to now.. check out the link.....http://www.gofundme.com/Beating-MST........you will truly be amused... i hope you enjoy... 

ushouldkeepher --- 9 years ago -

Created by Bobbie Lei Herron on November 30, 2013FORT RILEY, KS 2
In 2006 I became the victim of Military Sexual Trauma. Nearly half of all those victimized by MST knew their attacker. I certainly did. I was married to him. I thought for the longest time the hell that he put me through constituted as domestic violence at best. When one of my cases investigating Special Agent¬ís said the phrase 'Marital Rape' in relation to my case I finally thought the years of abuse, agony, pain, forced shame and isolation my children and i had endured would be taken seriously. Apparently not. I soon learned that my attackers command (the 'brothers' he deployed with, went to movies with, played video games with, went to company fun days with, trained with and swore to die for) would be determining his fate. It has taken just shy of a year to be granted an article 32 hearing. The civilian¬ís version of a grand jury hearing. As of now there is a fever pitch of veterans and civilian MST survivors the like trying to pass the military justice improvement act. Allowing (when passed) the discretion of the command to investigate, file charges and sentence their soldier, sailor, airman or marine away. Giving that authority to an unbiased civilian agency. Currently, I am a stay at home mom to my 2 beautiful children. We have been through hell in the past 2 years. in the fall of 2011 I asked for divorce after my attacker was arrested for the second time. I met a wonderful man and recently celebrated our 1st anniversary. But it has been a battle. my attacker has filed civilian motions against me, lied multiple times to various court personnel. I have also been going through the grieving process of pregnancy loss, fighting cancer and losing whatever hopes I had of being in my chosen profession. I have been in therapy for a while and just recently it was shared with me how valuable a service dog might be for me and my family. We found one who we to believe to be a superb fit for our family. in making this account,( which was incredibly hard for me to do) I have realized that at this point in time, although I have the strength to conquer a mountain I do not have the monetary means. So I am asking those who have been in our lives to witness my survival ship firsthand to help. If even a dollar or two. I haven't come this far to give up! I am raising funding for a MST service animal ($1, 000.00 USD needed) for airfare, hotel stay, meals and rental car expenses to article 32 hearing (multiple trips to camp Pendleton will need to be made during and after hearing, for sentencing etc.) ($2, 000.00) airfare, hotel stay, rental car expenses, etc. to Washington dc to speak to congress as a civilian survivor of MST (planning 2 trips) and for a financial support to continue to keep my children away from such an evil individual. (our attorney charges $350.00 ph.) like I said, this plead for help isn't easy for me-but I have not come this far to turn back and be overlooked. I matter. I will be heard! 

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