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I joined this crazy place on 2009-08-13, 14 years ago.

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puppy advice. - 13 years ago

If I remember right it was $60. Im not sure when the next class starts though, so you might want to call asap to find out. Classes last 6 weeks, one day a week. I think they are worth it, especially s...

puppy advice. - 13 years ago

Yes ma'am, My pic is actually on the page. I have a white American Bulldog, I have a striped tank top on in the picture. I'm pretty sure there are other people on here that have used her too. I thi...

puppy advice. - 13 years ago

Try putting him in puppy class. It would help on all levels of socialization. [url=http://trainingbytrina.blogspot.com/]Training by Trina[/url]

The Military wife...:) - 13 years ago


getting keys copied??? - 13 years ago

Have you asked housing for another key? I know on some keys it says do not copy.

WIC - 13 years ago

I did it for 3 months, I would've done it longer but my son wouldnt suck. He would latch, but wouldnt suck.. I pumped for 3 months and that sucked.

WIC - 13 years ago

[i] It's not forcing someone to do anything- they can always go buy their own formula. [/i] I agree. And whats wrong with wanting more women to breastfeed? Its great for baby and I think more wom...

I guess it's a good thing I'm leaving - 13 years ago

If it does pass, it will just make it easier for kids under 21 to buy it.

Good Morning and Happy Friday!!! - 13 years ago

[i] Just another day of packin and movin... [/i] I need to START packing lol. I will probably do that today. Think I will start with the clothes.

Guess That Breed - 13 years ago

Are her spots just on her skin? Or is her coat spotty too? I say this because my Bulldogs have spots on their skin only, and their coats are all white, except for the male has a huge spot on his ear. ...

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