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mrs. salty

I joined this crazy place on 2009-11-01, 13 years ago.

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What to say? I have great values, morals and a keen sense of smell. I brush my hair 100 strokes a day so it shines like the sun. The Nobel Peace prize should have gone to me instead of Obama. I google difficult words and use them in sentences to feign intellect. I am completely unfeignedly. Look it up.

latest comments

How sad ....RIP - 13 years ago

i>I did not want to write down his unit but this is a very , very sad situation that my husband told me about yesterday Then what is the point of bringing it up? Unless you personally know the f...

we got a skank in our hands - 13 years ago

Doesn't caligirl sound a lot like the old ilovmyhusband? just saying.

CONNIVING B!TCHE$..need advice - 13 years ago

It's spelled CONNIVING. Does anyone use spell check on this site?

Naval Hospital Pharmacy (rant) - 13 years ago

I work in the medical field and no matter what the situation the patient should be treated with compassion,kindness, no matter how bad of a day you are having If that is the case then you sh...

Ouija Board - 13 years ago

Ouija board, no. Been face to face with an angel, yes. Seen a demon with my own eyes, yes. I would not try to contact anything out of our realm.

to whomever emailed me about my "biggit" photo - 13 years ago

I literally feel like defenestrate and have no second thoughts of doing it. Does anyone know what this is supposed to mean? Spell check, grammar check AND Rosetta Stone English would be pu...

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